Sunday, 15 July 2012

Pick-up sticks

Pick-up sticks is a game which requires physical and mental skills. The objective of this game is to pick up as many sticks as possible without disturbing the surrounding sticks. Firstly, the sticks are held together in a bundle and release on the floor or table top, ended up in a tangled pile. The player tries to remove the stick either by hand or with the help of the sticks obtained. In both ways, players must not move any of the other sticks when attempting to remove the chosen stick. Players who successfully pick up a stick can continue to have a turn until he or she causes surrounding sticks to move. The game ends when the last stick is picked up and the player with the most number of sticks wins.There is another version of this game where different coloured sticks represent different points and the player with the highest point wins. (e.g mikado pick-up sticks)

As technology becomes more advanced, pick-up sticks are now available on mobile applications. I personally feel that playing it in real life is more fun than playing it on mobile applications. Readers! What do you think?

Do you remember playing this game when you were young? Share with us the games you have played that children these days are hardly seen playing. J


  1. It's one of my favs!! i still play it!! always!!!sems like kids don't play as much as the elders XD but i think that old games are funnier than the current ones!! it was simple, yet entertaining!!

  2. Good old times :) and i agree that old games are more entertaining as compared to now where most children play with their electronic gadgets.