Sunday, 22 July 2012

You're the Old Maid!

"Old maid" brings back memories of fun children's card games that elicited giggles and squeals. The game is played with 2 or more players. There are more than one version of this game but the one I remembered playing when I was young was with the deck of cards that has pictures on it. All the cards comes in a matching pair except for the "old maid" card. 

How to play: 
1. The dealer deals the cards to all the players.
2. The dealer would be the first person to start. He/she offers the card spread face down to the player on the left. The player then selects a card and adds it to his/her hand. 
3. If there is a pair(cards with the same picture), lay the cards down on the floor/table top.
4. The player who just took a card then offers her cards spread face down to the next player to her left, and this goes on in a clockwise direction. If you have discarded all your cards, you are safe and have cleared the game.
5. The game goes on until all the cards has been laid down. And the player with the old maid card loses.

Tips on playing:  Try to keep a straight face if you get the 
Old Maid. Don’t let the other players know you have it! :P

Remembered playing this game when I was much younger. We would often make fun of the person holding on to "old maid" card by calling him or her old maid. 

There are other games which are similar to old maid. For example, happy family, donkey, and snap.
Happy Family game by Hee Trading, Malaysia, 1984<-- Happy Family

Snap game by Hee Trading, Malaysia, 1984<-- Snap

Do these games look familiar to you? :)
Visit the links below for more information about these games.

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